Markets Hotel is not your ordinary pub. Paddy’s Brewery, nestled within the hotel proper was established in may 2001 and has since built a reputation for producing world class hand crafted beer. Paddy’s Brewery represents a major point of difference for Markets Hotel.

The ever increasing popularity of this fine establishment is a testament to not only Paddy’s Brewery, but every single facet of this hotel. Three star accommodation, great beer, quality food and outstanding service.

Paddy’s Brewery is already an established and successful operation, having won many awards at several international beer competitions, gaining a reputation for producing outstanding craft beer, however, producing a great beer is only the starting point.

Here at Paddy’s our own range of premium beers are brewed “in house” by Bruce Peachey, for the connoisseur of fine beers.

We use the highest quality available of natural ingredients to brew our range of exclusive beers, along with the traditional batch brewing process, which is time tried and proven.

By combining world renowned malted barley, selected premium grown hops, “pure” Sydney water and fermenting with our own strains of yeast, we create our range of fine beers.

Our range of beers are “all malt” beers and we guarantee that they do not contain added sugar, artificial colouring, antioxidants or preservatives.

This makes our range of beers attractive to the weight and health conscious person.